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Well hi there! Long time, no chat. My last blog post on here was over Labor Day weekend when I shared my Pumpkin Protein Pancakes recipe. That was nearly two months ago. Life has really taken me for a spin this year and for some reason fall became so busy that I wasn’t able to keep up on my blog. I try to keep things more updated on my Instragram @angelasbalancedlife, so be sure to follow me to see what I’m eating and what I’m up to on the weekends. Anyways, I wanted to share quick life update before jumping back into regular blog posts. No excuses or fluff.

For those that are new here, I work full-time so I’m at the office Monday through Friday, 9 to 5. I don’t mind working full-time, in fact I’ve even shared my thoughts on having a regular day job. That being said, when you also lift five days per week, have a boyfriend in school full-time, and try to maintain somewhat of a social life it can be hard to keep up with your hobbies. I would love it if updating my blog and Instagram were a high priority even when I’m busy, but the reality is they’re just hobbies I do in my free time.

So what have I been up to? Well my boyfriend spent his summer months working hard in his final clinical rotation of nursing school. If you’ve never known someone who has been to nursing school or didn’t choose the profession yourself, let me tell you that that program is intense. Like stressed to the max intense. On top of that, he was having some medical setbacks that were being addressed while he was in school. I’m happy to say, that he finished nursing school and is waiting to take his boards in November. Unfortunately, we’ve hit another medical road block, but we’re hopeful it will all be sorted out around the New Year.

During all this craziness, I’ve still been able to maintain my five days a week gym split and if I can swing it a 30-minute cardio session after shoulders. I’ve been sticking to my maintenance macros while also enjoying a few more flexible meals throughout the week – fall is the best time of year for snacks. My plan is to reverse diet into a bulk in November and December. I’ve never done a true bulk where I stick to a set of calories and macros, and while I’m definitely scared to do a bulk I know that I have to in order to get stronger than I am now.

My dead lifts have been amazing while my squats are still behind  from my knee injury in spring. That being said, I’m actually enjoying the results from my lower weight squats (is 135 pounds considered low?), having one leg day dedicated to quad work for strengthening my knee and another leg day focusing on my glutes and hamstrings. I hate to sound like all the other fit girls out there, but I’m loving those results from booty day! I’d like to update my gym spit to include a few additional exercises, including abs twice a week which I’m happy to say I’ve been hitting! And since cardio is hard for me to fit in with my schedule, I’m hoping to incorporate plyos and circuit movements to keep my heart rate elevated during my lifting sessions.

I’m going to do my best to start updating my blog again with some recipes I’ve been loving this fall. I also want to share some photos and stories from my recent trip to Detroit. Now that I’m back my goal is to have new blog posts at least two times per month, which I think is quite reasonable. So thanks for sticking around, coming back, or joining me for the first time.

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