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    How I Journal

    I recently started a new way of journaling and I’m here to share it with you! I’ve always enjoyed writing (hence the blog) but in recent years I’ve slacked on writing. I gave bullet journaling a try last fall after a friend said she loved it and that it’s perfect for those that enjoy lists. I’m absolutely a lover of making lists, but bullet journaling was too overwhelming for me. I wanted to be able to focus in on goals and to-do lists, but I also didn’t want to have to remember log items daily. goals The first part of my weekly log is to set goals. Writing down goals…

  • Chicken Sweet Potato Black Bean Skillet
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    Ground Chicken, Sweet Potato, Black Bean Skillet

    Last week I got back on my meal prep game and I went hard. I ended up making 12 meals that will last me over two work weeks because I tend to eat my meal preps for lunch at work and not so much for dinner. This ground chicken, sweet potato, black bean skillet is a revival of a recipe that I made last year when I first started IIFYM and I was experimenting with throwing together different whole foods to find new recipes. This year’s recipe is different because I’m now eating chicken so I instead of using Morningstar ground crumbles (which you can absolutely use if you’re a vegetarian…