• A Girls Weekend in Duluth
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    A Girls Weekend in Duluth

    I recently had a girls weekend in Duluth and we had a blast! Duluth is a perfect city for a weekend getaway or even for a day trip. The last time I traveled to Duluth, I went solo to see a power lifting meet, and that was two summers ago. I’ve also been up there for Grandma’s Marathon, which is an experience in itself. If you’re in driving distance to Duluth, I definitely recommend it. Our trip start early Friday morning, we drove up early so had the majority of the day to explore. After we arrived, we were all hungry so we grabbed an early lunch at Grandma’s Restaurant,…

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    Duluth Adventures & Twin Ports Powerlifting Meet

    Back in May I was going through a list of powerlifting meets and saw that one was in Duluth – about three hours from me. I got online and booked a hotel for the same weekend. I’m becoming more and more interested in powerlifting, and even considering doing a meet. Before diving into any serious training I wanted to see how a meet works and the process. Duluth is also a great city to travel to for a weekend. It has beautiful scenery, lots of stuff to do outdoors, history, and the city is great to explore.     My weekender bag Seeing as I was traveling alone and I…