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sustainable gift guide | 2019

The holidays are around the corner. Black Friday is upon us next weekend and everyone will be out buying gifts for their loved ones (and maybe for themselves). With this shopping season I wanted to share my some sustainable gift options for those that may be in a similar situation to me.

I’m coming up on my one year of not buying fast fashion, which has also changed my views on buying new in general. That being said, I still want to gifts for own family and friends – I’m just taking a different approach. I want to be sure the gifts I’m giving will actually be used, are sustainable, and realistic for the recipient to use.

for everyone


At the top of the gift guide, I’m including experiences over material items. Spending good quality time with your family and friends can go a long way. It can be as simple as going to happy hour and catching up, maybe a mani/pedi with your girl friends, or hosting a holiday party – ask everyone to bring a small dish to share!

reusable stainless steel straws

If someone in your life cannot live without straws (since you can simply refuse a straw and bring water without it), then gifting them a reusable straw is a no-brainer. I’ve been eyeing these straws because they have a silicone tip, which I would recommend over those without.

thrifted gift basket

If you have friends and family in your life that are fellow thrifters or open to secondhand gifts, then a gift basket of thrifted items is the perfect gift. I actually got this idea from The Book Wanderer – she shared some great themed baskets if that’s on your list!

for those on the run

water bottle / tumbler

Save plastic and resources by gifting a reusable water bottle or tumbler. There’s so many options on the market so you will find something to suit everyone on your list.

travel utensil set

I have this To Go Ware Bamboo Reusable Set that I purchased from Tare, a local bulk store. I keep this in my purse at all times, and it’s come in handy at work when I’ve forgotten my silverware at home and when grabbing sushi. Using my own chopsticks saves another set from going to the landfill, even if they are wood.

Travel Utensils
lunch box

Bringing a lunch to work is not only good for the environment, but good for your wallet. Since most of us go to work everyday and we have to eat, a lunch box is going to be great for nearly anyone. I’ve been using this lunch box for over a year now, and it’s held up great! For reference, I bring my breakfast, lunch, morning snack and my daily fizzy water to work and it fits perfect.

for makeup / beauty lovers

microfiber makeup remover / facial cleanings cloths

I know I keep sharing these, but I’m so happy with these and they’re such a simple swap. Even if you don’t wear makeup everyday

pacifica beauty

I recently discovered Pacifica Beauty as I’ve been switching over to cruelty-free beauty. On top of their CF status, I’m also recommending them because of their more sustainable packaging compared to other brands. Specifically, speaking their eye shadow palettes which come in cardboard – just pop the small plastic covers out when disposing.

for the thrifter

shopping poshmark

Depending on the person and where they stand on wearing second-hand clothes, Poshmark may be a great option! Poshmark has a ton of inventory of second-hand, high quality clothes, even some new with tag options. If you know the person well, including their measurements (since you can’t return), give a search through their listings.

For the past several years, I’ve gotten Jake a flannel as part of his Christmas gift, which he’s come to really enjoy! Since I’ve quit fast fashion, I had to find a solution for his gift. I know that Jake is open wearing second-hand clothes, so purchasing from Poshmark is a realistic option for me. Same goes for my best friend – we go thrifting all the time and I already have a few items picked out for her!

sustainable gift guide

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