Spring Favorites 2018 - Food, Fitness, Accessories

Spring Favorites 2018

It’s been a while since I’ve shared my favorites. In a perfect world I’d be sharing these monthly, but I’ve been busy with work and just enjoying time outside. Honestly, I tried writing a March and April Favorites so it’s turned into a Spring Favorites.

Spring Favorites 2018


Torani Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup

I’ve pretty much cut out coffee creamer and replaced it with almond milk and the Torani Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup. I’ve been warming up the almond milk on the stove and stirring in the syrup, kind of making my own coffee creamer. What I like even more about this syrup, is that they reformulated it and it’s so much better than before. The previous bottle was sweetened by Splenda and now the label says it’s the original formula (but with the same type of sweetener). I especially like having these syrups on hand in the summer for a homemade iced coffee drink.


Vull Sport Dolphin Hem Tanks

I already shared these awesome tank tops in my recent favorite athletic clothes post, but I have to share them again. They’re the perfect length, hitting right above the waistline to show just a bit of midriff. I love the high neck line of the tanks, which is super flattering on my shoulders. Honestly, I cannot say enough good things about these tanks. I have three colors (black, gray, and white) that I’m always wearing to the gym and for athleisure outfits.

Foam Roller

I finally purchased this foam roller after getting past the hype of them. I really should have purchased one last year after my knee injury last year, which really comes down to a hip imbalance. After deadlifts and glute/hamstring day, my outer hip and lower glutes are sore for a few days. Instead of dealing with the pain, I’ve start rolling out my muscles (the lactic acid buildup) and it’s made a huge difference.

Accessories and Fun Stuff

Fossil Purse

I picked up the cutest Fossil purse at a run to TJMaxx a few weekends ago that is perfect for the spring and summer months. It’s the perfect camel brown color that goes with a lot of summer prints and colors. I’ve had a Fossil wallet for a while now and it’s held up great plus it’s the same brown color as the purse.

Apple Watch

After going through many versions of Fitbits, I finally invested in an Apple Watch a few months back and I’m so happy I did. I liked my Fitbits, but I found that I was going through one a year (due to damage) and that they weren’t providing the best experience. With an Apple Watch, I get the watch and activity tracker, but also the texts, phone calls, ability to update MyFitnessPal with my water intake, and a lot more.

I also found that the activity and fitness tracker on the Apple Watch is more accurate compared to Fitbit’s. Fitbit often showed that I burned over 2,000 calories a day – while working a desk job. There’s no way this was accurate given my size and activity level. My Apple Watch shows that I burn between 1,700 to 1,900 per day depending on if it’s a rest day or HIIT day. I do wish that the face of the watch showed how many calories I’ve burned, similar to the the activity rings. Instead, it’s logged in the Activity app on my phone to view that.


I’ve been on decluttering kick the past few months and it makes me feel so much better. If there are items in your house that you’re not using, you don’t enjoy, or are simply old, throw them out or donate them.

I go through my clothes on a monthly basis and pullout at least three pieces that don’t fit me well or that I don’t enjoy and add them to the donate pile. I also make it a point to go through my makeup collection every few months and toss expired makeup or add the items that can be passed along to separate pile for my girls friends to go through.

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Spring Favorites 2018 - My favorite food, fitness, and accessories for spring


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