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Getting ready for date night is always fun for me. I love taking the time to play around with makeup I don’t usually get to wear to work on the day-to-day.

At the end of 2019, I did a big declutter of my makeup collection and recently reorganized the setup to focus on using the products I already own. I moved all my makeup into the my Ikea Alex Drawers with minimal options set out on my vanity area. This forces me to open the drawers and look at everything I own when it’s time to get ready. For some, this may be overwhelming, but it’s been helping me to see and appreciate everything in my collection. I’m finding that I’m grabbing a variety of items to use each day rather than sticking with the same things for days at a time.

my simple (valentine’s day) date night makeup

Generally, we don’t do anything fancy for Valentine’s Day, but this year we decided to trek to our favorite Mexican restaurant for spicy chicken tacos and sweet corn then go out for a late movie (who are we!?). If going out or spending money on Valentine’s Day isn’t your thing, here’s a few ideas to consider instead! These are our usual go-to date nights especially during the winter months.

Looking at the list of products below, this may not jump out as simple, but I promise my routine make it’s simple. For my skin, I keep my base simple with a bit of bronzer and a mattifying power (I tend to have an oily t-zone). As we are slowly moving out of winter, I’m starting to get back in cream and luminous blushes.

For eyes, I love a shimmer on the lid and smudged dark eyeshadow along the upper and lower lash lines. This makes the look easy, peasy – you don’t have to be a makeup artist or precise, and you can really do it in a pinch! For lips, I’ve been enjoying balms that I can throw on without a mirror or worry the color will move around.

As a reminder, I’m trying to use products already in my collection so some of the products I’m sharing have been discontinued. That being said, you likely have a product in your collection that you can use in place of what I have. If I was able to find a list of dupes for a discontinued product, I did include it below to see if you can shop your stash for something similar! I also noted if there’s a travel/trial size available if you want to try the product first.

persona identity palette
  • liner: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Lip Pencil Ex-Girlfriend (LE – Urban Decay now carries a lipstick version in their Vice that I also love)
  • color: Undone Beauty Light on Lip Gosh Garnet ($8 – really enjoying these lippies and they’re now available at Target!)
Undone Beauty Gosh Garnet

Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you enjoy the day whether you’re going out for a date or staying in to watch a movie by yourself!

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