Protein French Toast Recipe

Protein Packed French Toast

Protein packed French toast – you need this meal in your life. I’ve always considered myself a pancake girl, but lately French toast has been my thing! Not only do I love this recipe, but my boyfriend is also a big fan of French toast – always has been so this is a win-win for our house.

I’m finally getting back into my lifts at the gym and my weight is maintaining so that means I get more carbs. I’ve been loving this recipe as my pre- or post-workout meal and the macros are perfect for what your body needs during either of those times. Even though I’m eating more carbs, I still go with a lower-carb bread to have more flexibility during the day with my macros. My favorite for the past six months or so as been the Sara Lee Delightful Healthy Multi-Grain bread that comes in at 45 calories a slice. This bread is a is a staple in the kitchen and is also great for grilled cheese sandwiches and tuna salad sandwiches – check out my IIFYM Grocery List blog post for my other favorites.

The protein powder in this recipe acts as a sweetener and to add flavor to the French toast so choose whatever flavor you’re craving. I used PEScience Select Snickerdoole because that’s I have on hand at the moment, but chocolate, peanut butter, vanilla or a caramel would pair well with this too!

Protein Packed French Toast

What You’ll Need
  • 3 slices Sara Lee Delightful Bread – 45 calories per slice
  • 2 servings egg whites
  • 10 grams PEScience Snickerdoodle Select Protein or your favorite protein powder
  • splash of cashew or almond milk
  • pinch of ground cinnamon and ground nutmeg
  • sugar-free syrup
  • cooking spray


Protein Packed French Toast Ingredients

Heat a small skillet or griddle to low-medium heat and spray with cooking spray – I use a griddle set to 275 degrees. In a small bowl that can fit the slices of bread, mix together the egg whites, milk, and protein powder until well blended. Sprinkle in the ground cinnamon and nutmeg to taste. Soak a slice of bread until fully covered, flip and repeat with the other two slices. Place the bread slices on the skillet or griddle and cook until light brown – around four minutes. Flip and cook through on the other side. Serve with sugar-free syrup or Walden Farms syrup. Sprinkle with powder sugar and sprinkles if desired.

Protein Packed French Toast


Calories and macros for my recipe without syrup is 213 calories, 27 carbs, 25 protein, 2 fat. If you’re bulking and looking to add more calories to this meal, chose a higher carb bread, use whole eggs instead of egg whites or use real maple syrup. I paired the French toast with some turkey bacon or even fruit would be good on the side.

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Protein Packed French Toast

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