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November Favorites | 2017

I’ve been slacking on sharing monthly favorites and honestly these posts should be a no brainer. For some reason, autumn always inspires me to get back to working on my blog though I’m not sure why. I made it a point in the middle of the month to start taking pictures of what I knew would be included in in my November favorites so I could this post out in time. I’m going to do my best to share a 2017 favorites near the end of December so stay tuned!

November Favorites | 2017


Pixi by Petra x It’s Judy Time It’s Eye Time I’ve been getting back into makeup over the past few months, trying new products and being more creative when I can swing it. I recently picked up this Pixi collab palette from Target after Jessica Braun recommended it in a few of her videos at the beginning of fall. The palette has 12 eye shadows, most of them on the warmer side, which I love for fall and winter. The palette is missing a matte, skin toned color for setting the lid and highlighting, which I always have to pull in from another palette. Other than that, I love this palette for both every day work looks and creative looks on the weekend.

Pixi It's Judy Time Eye Palette


Quo Precision Brow Pencil | I recently visiting Toronto for work and on my way to the airport I stopped at Shopper’s Drug Mart for some Canada exclusive beauty products. I browsed through the makeup for brands we don’t have in the U.S. and came across the brand Quo; come to find out this is Shopper’s Drug Mart in-house brand. I grabbed their Precision Brow Pencil in brown and it’s amazing. It’s precise, creamy, and comes with an eyebrow spooly on the opposite end which is always a plus.


FLEO Shorts | I finally got outside of my comfort zone and purchase some athletic (tight fit) shorts for the gym. As a part of my new workout split, I do cardio on both my shoulder and chest/triceps days, and I like to wear shorts to the gym on those day instead of leggings. The fabric is super soft plus squat-proof which is always a plus. I picked up three more pairs during their Black Friday sale and I can’t wait to add them to my collection.

Chalk | After dealing with rough hands for the past year or so, I finally invested in some bagged chalk for the gym. A fellow gym-goer approached me during one of my sessions and asked if I wanted to try some of her chalk. A little weird, but I couldn’t say no. I ended up grabbing the same chalk that she had from Amazon for around $8.00 – 100% worth it. It comes bagged in netting within a sealed plastic to reduce making a mess and so far so good. While chalk doesn’t completely keep your hands from hurting during lifts, it does help tremendously with grip and the overall lift. Highly recommend chalk if you’re into heavy lifting.

Underarmour Tops Knots & Squats Muscle Tank | While on the hunt for the perfect workout tanks on Amazon, I came across this sassy tank top and couldn’t pass it up. If I’m not at work my hair is always in a top knot and squats are my favorite exercise.

Top Knots & Squats



Quaker Instant Oatmeal Packets | My favorite preworkout meal for the last five months or so has been oatmeal. In a perfect world I would cook my oats from scratch and add some protein powder, but I’m a fit girl on the go! Since I usually eat my preworkout meal at work, I’ve opted for the instant oatmeal packets during the work week. My favorite have been the Quaker variety box.

Quaker Instant Oatmeal


Swiss Miss No Sugar Added Hot Chocolate | If you’re looking for a night time treat to keep you warm this winter, grab a box of this hot chocolate. One packet is only 60 calories! I personally like topping a cup with some fat free whipped cream and cuddling up on the couch for some Netflix.

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