Thrift List January 2019

My Thrift List | January 2019

Now that I’m thrifting most of the my clothes, I’m learning to be more open to what’s available at the store in the moment. It’s harder to shop in season at the thrift store when you’re not sure what you’re going to find. That doesn’t always mean that you can’t go in with a short list or an idea of what you’re looking for. You should always go into the thrift store with an open mind!

So to keep me focused during my shopping trips and to stay on budget, I’ve decided to create my thrift list!

Going into 2019, I’ve decided to reduce my consumption of fast fashion (read my other goals for the New Year here), which means there’s a lot of thrifting in my future. In addition to thrifting clothing, I want to start looking for household items second-hand before buying new. There’s endless aisles at the thrift store with many unique pieces that could bring color to our home.

So I’m starting this thrift list that I’ll be adding to each month based on what I find during the month, the changing of seasons, and events that may be upcoming. Each month I’ll also give an update on what I was able to check off my list. So with that, let’s get started!

my thirft list | january 2019

Black Cardigan

I’m in desperate need of at least one black cardigan for my closet. I would love to find one that is looser in fit and has buttons all the way down the front. Not to mention that is black (not faded) and in good condition, as I want it to be part of my wardrobe for as long as possible.

The ones in my closet that I’m avoiding (and honestly should just declutter) are either quite faded or are not my style. The reason I hold onto them is because I never know when I’ll need one for work.

Layering Tops

To go with my black cardigan, I’m searching for layering tops – tees, tanks, or nice blouses. A top and cardigan are my signature for work wear as they always look nice and doesn’t require much thought in the morning.

In a perfect world, I would like to find neutral colors that are complimentary. Again, taking the guess work out of creating outfits on works mornings. As for casual tees for outside of work, I’d like to have some fun colors to layer with a denim jacket and leggings.


Surprisingly, I’m fairly good in the jeans department which is good because that’s primarily what I wear to work. But I’d like to switch it up some days and have different color or textured pants.

Specifically on my list are a pair of not too bright red/orange pants – more on the side of a burnt red. For pieces that I can wear me that could be a light blue wash color, khaki, white/cream or a nice camo would be cool too! I also wouldn’t mind finding some boyfriends jeans which are totally out of my comfort zone, but could be so cute.


I’ve been focusing so much on clothes while shopping the thrift store, that I’ve always overlooked the accessories and jewelry. I’m looking for new sunnies that I can bring to Mexico in spring and necklaces to go with the tops I’ve picked up.


Even before I switched to buying clothes second hand, scarves were something I never paid full price for. In my opinion, they’re overpriced for the often thin and sparse piece of fabric you’re getting.

That being said, I love scarves. I think they’re essential for layering and dressing up work outfits. If you have a few basics that you love, consider adding a few scarves to your wardrobe to change things up. They can make an old outfit into a new one!

Velvet & Slip Dress

I’m adding this to the ongoing search list because they’re pretty specific and I’m guessing difficult to come by. I started looking for a velvet dress over the holidays for parties, but unfortunately wasn’t able to find one in time.

Wall Mounted Key Holder

I was determined to DIY a new key holder for our living room, but I’m just not that creative. Instead, I’ve added this to my thrift list as I always see these on the shelves. It’s just a matter of finding one that is my style.

Rolling Pin

This is a simple one so I’m hoping to check it off my list right away. I’m looking for a rolling pin so I can make homemade tortillas with a reasonable thickness. I tried without the rolling pin and it didn’t go very well. They became more like naan than tortillas you could roll.

What’s on your thrift list for the month? Let me know down below!

My Thrift List

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