My Favorite Athletic Clothes

My Favorite Athletic Clothes

I’ve been overhauling my athletic clothes and I think I’m finally at a good place! Going to the gym shouldn’t be a fashion show, but sometimes a good outfit makes the workout that much better. Plus it’s a confidence boost!

When it comes to athletic clothes, I’ll admit that I don’t like to spend a ton of money. I definitely want the clothes to have quality and fit well, but at the end of the day I’m going to sweat and be rough in these clothes. Because that’s sometimes my mentality when shopping for workout clothes, it’s taken me a while to get to where I can grab any outfit and be happy.

Now I can also go through my drawer and do much needed declutter. Which I love to do.

I’ve also found the style and cuts that flatter my body which makes all the difference. I know everyone is on the high rise legging kick, but they’re just not flattering on my small torso and frame. I also need clothes that are designed to fit more athletically built females – the lats and shoulders need room to move.

Old Navy

Old Navy is not only one of my favorite stores to buy athletic clothes, but it’s one of my favorite stores for clothes in general. I prefer shopping online with Old Navy for their petite line (I’m 5’1” and around 110 pounds) plus they always have sales and participate in Ebates for cash back.

I love Old Navy’s leggings, particularly their midrise cut, loose fitting athletic shorts, and their fun socks (random I know, but socks are important). Most recently I purchased these leggings, and they’re super soft, flexible, and breathable during workouts.

Vull Sport

I’ve been following this company on Instagram for a while thanks to Simply Mander. I had been eyeing their Dolphin Hem Tanks for a while and I finally purchased them – and I love them! You need these tank tops in your collection. They’re the perfect cut – just cropped enough to hit the waistline but not too cropped to show off my midriff. I have three – black, grey, and white.

FLEO Shorts

It’s not often that I wear shorts to the gym, but when I do I’m usually wearing FLEO Shorts. They’re soft, fit snug in the right places while still moving with you during workouts. I have both the original style and the 3.25 style, and enjoy both. I find that the original (2.5 inseam) style is more flattering, but the 3.25 style has more coverage which I prefer for the gym.

Muscle Tanks

A few weeks back, I checked out Tilly’s and they carry a whole collection of super cute muscle tanks. I picked up this slightly cropped Billabong muscle tank and this relaxed Vans tank, and they’ve been awesome for the gym. I got both in an extra small and they’re still just loose enough to keep cool while working out. Muscle shirts are also super flattering on the arms!

Reebok Sports Bras

When it comes to sports bras, I generally prefer low-impact styles since I’m not doing a lot of intense cardio. This year I’ve been adding jump rope into my workouts and I’ve been doing an at-home HIIT circuit, so I was need of new supportive sports bras.

I found these Reebok strappy sports bras from Dick’s Sporting Goods that are very comfortable and give me the perfect amount of support. The best part of this purchase was that I placed the order online and chose in-store pick-up. They also offer free shipping over $49.

Nike Flex Trainers

I’m not a powerlifter, or at least I don’t compete, so for shoes I only need a quality, fairly flat training shoe. When it comes to squats and deadlifts, I prefer to lift barefoot (with socks on) and wear my Nike Flex Trainers for everything else. I searched for training shoes for a long time before investing in Nike’s and I have not been disappointed. Most athletic shoes have a lot of padding in them, which isn’t ideal for the gym. At the gym, you want something that is going to keep you stable with heavy weights. I also have a pair of Asics for running, but because of my knee I haven’t been doing much of that.

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My Favorite Athletic Clothes That I Recommend

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