my fall wish list

It’s Labor Day weekend, marking the unofficial end of summer and beginning of the fall season. Though if I’m being honest I start celebrating pumpkin season in August. It seems that right after Labor Day, the weather starts to become cooler in the morning and evenings, and I start anticipating all things autumn. Hence my fall wish list.

Summer really has grown on me compared to my younger years, but I can’t help getting excited with everything I’m going to do as the cooler months come in. I feel more relaxed during autumn and things seem to slow down. Which I’m good with.

In fall, I love to open the windows and listen to the breeze and grab a cup of tea. I can finally bundle up on the couch with my afghan and watch a few scary movies. I like doing a lot of the same things each fall, so I thought why not document it!

  1. Enjoy my Saturday morning coffee outside. I don’t take advantage of quiet weekend mornings enough.
  2. Thrift fall clothes. This is my first autumn not buying fast fashion, and I can’t wait to see what pieces I find! I already have a new pair of knee high boots.
  3. Have a bake off. This is already on the books for October and I’ve been eyeing these cinnamon chip pumpkin cookies.
  4. Pick apples at an apple orchard. Sliced apple and peanut is my go to evening snack, so I can’t wait for them to be back in season.
  5. Go to a pumpkin patch. The perfect activity for our group of friends, especially our friends that have a two year old.
  6. Carve said pumpkin from the pumpkin patch.
  7. Drink a PSL. Probably on the honeymoon.
  8. Drink a pumpkin brew. Usually during our autumn equinox party.
  9. Take an urban hike. Minneapolis and St. Paul have many parks and trails to choose from for urban hiking. And I really wanted to do this last year and we missed out.
  10. Admire the fall colors. Evening if it’s just a Sunday afternoon drive.
  11. Visit a haunted house. Or a haunted hay ride.
  12. Have a hot chocolate date. Jake doesn’t like chocolate, so I guess we can settle for white hot chocolate or cider.
  13. Make chili. We recently received an Instant Pot and can’t wait to try new recipes.
  14. Have a scary movie night.

What’s your favorite fall activity? Favorite fall food or drink?

My Fall Wish List

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