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Los Angeles Outfits & Snacks for Travel

I’m already packing for my trip! Honestly, I started packing a while ago by getting together a list of items to bring. I wanted to share my outfits I’m bring to Los Angeles for my four day, three night stay. I’m visiting a friend in LA so I’m fortunate in that sense that I’m not stressing too much about forgetting anything. If I forget something, I’m sure I can borrow an item or we can easily pick something up at Target.

To help me pack for trips I like to make a list of items I’ll bring. Sometimes I make my own list in Excel, but this time around I downloaded this packing list from I’m also writing a separate list of items I absolutely don’t want to forget. I’m definitely a planner and like task written down, so this works best for me. I’m not checking luggage so everything has to fit into my carry on luggage and large purse I’ll have with me.

Casual Most of the outfits I’m bringing are casual and basic. I’m going for an effortless Hollywood look! Just kidding – but really I want to have basics that I can piece together for multiple outfits.

casual outfits

I’m loving these cargo colored skinnies that are perfect for spring. For tops that will pair well with the pants, I’m bringing a gray loose fitting tee, a floral crop top, and of course a denim jacket. I’m forgoing bringing jeans on the trip, which makes me a little nervous, but I’ll chance it!


For the flights I’ll be wearing my favorite zipper detail leggings from American Eagle, my denim jacket to save on space in my luggage, Asics cross trainers, and my favorite workout tank from Old Navy – Drop, Squat, & Hustle baby – Old Navy always has fun athletic tanks like this one. I’ll also be wearing this tank and trainers, along with some active shorts and my favorite sports bra for hiking.

Going Out | My friend is taking me to the Magic Castle the first night I’m visiting and the attire is formal wear. For this event, I’m wearing this beautiful detailed dress I got at Forever 21 for around $24 – I love it and I don’t wear it enough. To go over top I’ll bring a light shawl and wear some heels. I’m also packing this nautical inspired dress I got from Old Navy a few weeks ago that I shared in my Spring Clothing Haul. This dress could be good for going out or casual wear.

formal dress

I also included this new glitterful skirt I picked up at H&M and on top I’m bringing an oversize sweater, which I can also wear with the crop top or denim jacket I mentioned above. The shoes I’m bringing for going out (or casual) are these Toms wedges that I purchased last spring, similar to these. I wore them in downtown San Francisco walking up and down the hilly roads and there were always comfortable.

skirt sweater watermark

Summer Wear | Sadly the weather is not looking to be as warm as I had hoped, but  I’m still bringing along my bikini and a romper to cover up with , just in case. I can always put my denim jacket on over this or wearing my leggings with the bikini.

romper bikini

Purses/Bags | In addition to my carry-on bag, I’ll have my large purse that doubles as a cross body bag – perfect for the airport. In it I’ll have my usual purse items along with my coloring and activity books I like to bring on my trips. I’ll also have my Canon Powershot and a few memory cards. I’m bringing a smaller purse with me that I’ll use for day-to-day excursions and a small backpack for hiking.

snacks on the go

I’m sure I’ll be eating out most of the time during my trip, but I want to try to stay on track to hit my macros on some days so I’ll have to bring some snacks to keep on track.

Travel Snacks

Raw Almonds – Good on the go, already divided by serving. I’ve had these packed up since the beginning of my cut so I grabbed a few and put them in my purse.

Salmon – These pre-packaged salmon probably aren’t the best, but they’re better than an impulse, empty calories snack. I grabbed a variety of these, but the lemon dill pouch is good for snacking. These packages 4 ounce packages are around 90 calories and 14 grams of protein. I’ll bring some plastic forks in case we’re out and about.

Quest Bars – I don’t usually eat protein bars not because they aren’t good, but for my macros they’re basically a meal replacement. I don’t usually need a meal replacement during my work week because I meal prep, but how perfect for vacation! My flight out is very early so one of these will be perfect for breakfast when I get to LA.

BlenderBottle – Staying hydrated while traveling is super important so I always bring I always travel with my BlenderBottle. I add a caribiner to the loop so I can attach it to my backpack or purse. It also never spills. I was considering bring some protein powder pouches for quick meals, but I don’t think it’s necessary with my other snacks. I will be bringing a few servings of the Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Acid for a caffeine boost on the go and recovery after hiking.

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