Fitness Gift Guide

It’s the holidays which means it’s gift giving season! In a perfect world, I would have had this gift guide up a bit sooner, but we all know how the month of December goes – holiday parties, dinners, shopping, all while trying to maintain our normal work and gym schedules.

All of these picks I personally recommend and own myself as part of my fitness routine. Most of my picks are pretty affordable and also quite basic, but they’re all items that any fitness lover would appreciate in their gym collection. So hopefully this helps anyone that has some last minute shopping to do in the next week or so. Definitely take advantage of that Amazon Prime membership if you still have a number of people to buy for this holiday season.

Fitness Gift Guide

Fitness Tracker

There’s a number of fitness and activity trackers on the market so you’re pretty much guaranteed to find one that fits everyone’s lifestyles, needs, and budget. I’ve had a few Fitbit’s over the past two years, and so far I’ve enjoyed the Charge 2 by far above the others I’ve had. That being said, I think my next purchase is going to be an Apple Watch which I realize is not only a fitness tracker, but I’m looking for a bit more in my daily tracker than what Fitbit’s offer.

Bluetooth Headphones

I refused to buy bluetooth headphones for the longest time claiming that I could work out around the wire always getting in the way. So just do someone the favor and give them some bluetooth headphones to make their workouts that much easier. I have these that I found on Amazon and I gave my dad pair for Christmas last year.

Chalk Bag

I shared this chalk bag in last month’s favorites post and I highly recommend gifting one to the fitness lover that lifts heavy, but hates (or refuses) to wear gloves.

Circle Resistant Bands

These are great for the at-home fitness junkie or the gym rat who needs these for a quick warm up. I purchased this set when I was correcting my squat form after my knee/hip injury earlier this year. The set comes with a carrying bag as well and I used it to travel with so I had some additional options in the hotel gym. Highly recommend! I’d also recommend a larger set of resistant bands for warming up your arms and shoulders.

Water Jug

I recommend drinking at least a gallon of water a day, no matter if you’re dieting, bulking, or just trying to lead a healthier lifestyle. To make that daily goal I find it very helpful to keep a water jug at my desk during the workweek and also to start out my morning’s on the weekend. You can go the traditional route and simply buy a gallon of water from your grocery, but if you’re looking to get something more attractive and easier to carry I recommend a 72-ounce bottle instead.

Fleo Shorts

If you’re looking for unique athletic wear for your girlfriend or girl friend, I’d recommend checking out Fleo Shorts. This was another brand that I shared in my November favorites and I recently received my Black Friday order and was not disappointed. Of all the shorts I’ve purchased from the brand, I recommend the fabric collection which are extra soft and a bit thicker than some of the other style. The original cut is going to be a bit shorter while the 3.25 cut has more coverage – something to keep in mind depending on who you’re buying for.

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! And Happy New Year everyone! Keep an eye out for my 2017 wrap up and 2018 goals posts.

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