Fall Favorites 2018

Fall Favorites | 2018

It’s time for another favorites post – specifically my fall favorites for this year! Fall is in full swing and I’ve been enjoying as much of it as I can. October started out quite cold and dreary in Minnesota, but once it cleared the colors and shorter days were wonderful. We even got the perfect fall day to take our engagement pictures, with full colors and leaves falling all around us. I’ll share a few pictures of our session at the end of this post if you’re interested!

With fall, comes pumpkin and spice everything. Warm colors. Muted and dark lipsticks. Sweaters and scarves. All of these and more, which I’ve been loving and I’m going to share with you. Something to note with this favorites post, is that most of these items I already owned. When it comes to makeup, I’ve been doing my best cut back on what I’m buying because frankly my collection has more than I already need. If you didn’t catch my previous post, I recently paid off my debt and I’m sticking to a strict budget to save money.

With the fall days getting shorter, I’m mentally preparing for the coming below freezing days, snow falls, and the holidays. Can you believe that some some people are already decorating their homes with Christmas decor? I don’t know about you all, but I love celebrating Thanksgiving and enjoying everything about the holiday before Christmas hits. Of course, I’m a bit biased because my birthday is near the holiday 🙂 That being said, we’ll probably be throwing up our Christmas tree and lights on the house before the holiday, just to get a head start.

Anyways, here’s what I’ve been loving for this past fall!

Fall Favorites | 2018


Benefit Rockateur – $30

Benefit RockateaurBenefit Rockateaur Pan

Rockateur is a beautiful neutral blush with a rose gold tint to it. It’s perfect to pair with warm eye looks and dark lips, which is my staple look in fall. This blush has been in rotation since September, and I’ve even hit pan on it, which is a rarity for me given my makeup collection I’ve built over the years.

I’ve actually owned Rockateur for a while now, but for some reason I used to think that this color didn’t show up on my skin unless I built it many layers. This was a mistake on my part, as it goes only beautifully with an angled blush brush.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation – $14 + L’Oreal Infalliable Pro-Matte Foundation – $13

Bourjois and L'Oreal FoundationsBourjois Healthy Mix Serum

With the cooler weather upon us, my skin has started to change and is a bit dryer than over the summer. I’ve had to make a few changes to my foundation routine while also using what I’ve already got in my collection. I’ve had the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation for a while, but didn’t love it on it’s own. It has a more natural, radiant finish, which doesn’t always compliment my skin. The L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte foundation on the other hand, I’ve loved for a long time as it lasts all day while keeping me matte.

Once the weather changed, the L’Oreal foundation was starting to look cakey on my skin when worn alone. I once again tried the Bourjois foundation, but it was still too radiant for me. So one morning I mixed the two together and it

Elf Studio Matte Lip Color Praline – $3

ELF Praline ELF Praline Matte Lip Color

If you’re still searching for the perfect fall lippie, look no further – this is it and it’s only $3 from the drugstore! I came across this lippie after watching EmilyNoel83’s video with her recommendations of spicy lip color’s. The color itself is a bit darker than my natural lip color, making it a perfect neutral for almost any eye look and outfit. It easily glides on and dries down to a matte finish – though not uncomfortable.

ELF Praline Swatch

I actually wore this lip color in our engagement pictures and was perfect for the outdoor setting! The packaging is a crayon style, which is perfect for those on the run, comes with its own sharpener on the end if you’re not into lip liners. Personally, I like to pair Milani’s Spice with this lippie which I previously owned and Emily recommended in her video.


Protein Pumpkin Mug Cake

Protein Pumpkin Mug Cake

With fall, comes pumpkin everything, but this recipe from Kara Corey Fit Life has been my favorite pumpkin treat by far. With being on a budget, I wasn’t indulging in many limited edition seasonal treats that are on the market, so I had to get creative.

For my version of this recipe I use the Quest Protein Power in Vanilla Milkshake and pumpkin pie spice for extra flavor. The



I’ve always loved thrifting. I find it rather therapeutic actually, taking the time to go through the racks for finds. Since going on a budget, the amount of money I spend on clothes has definitely decreased. When I’m looking for a few new pieces for my collection or have the itch to hit the mall, I go thrifting instead.

Since making the swap to thrifting for my clothes, honestly I find the price of new clothes to be kind of outrageous. Sure, if I were looking for something specific and was short on time, I’d probably go the mall. But as of lately, there’s great finds at the thrift store from Target, Old Navy, and other fast fashion stores for 50% less than I would be paying.

Some of the gems that I’ve found so far include a winter coat and cardigan shall – both from Target, a University of Minnesota tee (my alma mater), a pair of jeans to wear at my new part-time job, and some cute dresses originally from Old Navy and H&M. It takes some time, but it’s worth it when you’re on a budget!

Engagement Pictures

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, we got to take our engagement pictures on what turned out to be one of the best fall days of this year. And we just got the pictures back, so I thought I’d share a few!

Angela & Jake | Engagement Pictures Angela & Jake | Engagement Pictures Angela & Jake | Engagement Pictures Angela & Jake | Engagement Pictures

Photography courtesy of Studio 220.

Be sure to let me know what you’ve been loving during fall the few weeks!

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