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    Simply Angela’s Life is Here

    As you can tell by the title, I’ve updated my brand to Simply Angela’s Life! I have been throwing around the idea of updating my branding from Angela’s Balanced Life for some time to something that would better reflect my overall content. A lot has changed over the past year since becoming a mom including the direction I am going with my brand, and Simply Angela’s Life will better reflect that. Not much will change with my content compared to what I have been posting the past several months. I plan to share pieces of my life, including my love for thrifting and my journey as a mom. I also…

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    home gym tour + my recommendations to start a home gym

    We finally completed our home gym during quarantine! If the gym being closed for over four months and preparing to have our hands full with a newborn weren’t signs that we needed to get our basement gym complete, I don’t know what would have given us the motivation. When the gyms first closed back in March, I had purchased some additional equipment for our basement gym setup that came in handy very quickly. After realizing that we were going to be at home for much longer than two weeks, we had a bit of panic and tried to purchase a squat rack. Along with everyone else. That order was canceled…

  • Beauty

    my curly hair routine 2020

    I recently revamped by curly hair routine to get the best curls all while keeping things simple and easy. This will be especially important with a newborn on the way as I imagine I won’t have much time for showering, let alone a full hair care routine. I shared my full curly hair routine on my YouTube channel, which you can checkout below.

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    what i eat in a day | third trimester

    It’s hard to believe I have a month left until baby girl arrives! This is has been a crazy time that feels like it’s moved slowly and so fast at the same time. For the last few weeks of my pregnancy, I’ve decided to eat more intuitively instead of tracking my macros like I have for the majority of my pregnancy and the past several years. This week’s video on my YouTube is a What I Eat in a Day in my third trimester while listening to my body’s hunger cues. Check it out down below!

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    My Fitness Journey

    I finally got around to filming my fitness journey which I shared on my YouTube channel. Since I’ve been sharing my fitness journey here on my blog for many years, I thought I’d share the video here as well. I anted to share my fitness journey on my YouTube when I first launched my channel in late 2019, but after I found out I was pregnant much of my content and focus on fitness change. This video is to share my journey over the past 7+ years and to have as a reference when I get back into a routine after baby girl arrives and I recover from delivery.

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    pregnancy favorites + must haves

    It’s hard to believe I’m in my eight month of pregnancy. Time is flying! Now that I’ve gotten through most of my pregnancy, I feel like I have a good idea of what I deem a must have during this time. Granted, I’ve been pregnant during a very different time than others, so I may have a different perspective on what’s a “must have.” Anyways, I shared a video on my YouTube of everything I’ve been enjoying during my pregnancy. Check it out below!