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a cancun vacation

We took our first real spring break this past year with a trip to Cancun, Mexico. Jake and I love traveling, and do it as much as our schedules allow us to. Usually we travel to where we can do a lot of walking and outdoor adventures, so going to an all-inclusive was a bit outside of our comfort zone.

I’m happy to say that we had an amazing time. 80 degrees in March is unheard of for Minnesotans. As soon we arrived, we jumped right into our swimming suits, and pretty much lived in them the entire week. Remember that blog post I shared with what I packed for Mexico? Well I didn’t end of wearing 50% of my clothes because we spent much of our time on the beach or at the pool.

For our two excursions, we traveled to Tulum to see the Mayan Ruins and went snorkeling along the reef. Snorkeling was an adventure since swimming isn’t my strong suit, but I’m so happy that I powered through it.

At the resort, we enjoyed the gym and concert hall that they had onsite. One of the best parts of the trip was the food – it was some of the best we’ve had while traveling. And of course there were drinks flowing – when in Mexico!

We spent much of our vacation disconnected, without phones or cameras, which was wonderful. Because of that I don’t have a ton of pictures, but the ones I do have show how much fun we were having and how beautiful the weather was. Also, how tan I was!

Stay tuned for more of our future adventures!

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